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Green Light | by Adam Marshall
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So I was tagged by imphamished. There’s some rules to this thing, but I can’t be bothered. Here are some questions I have been asked. If you would like, go ahead and bite this off me. 

1. Fast-forward ten years. You’re holding a newborn baby. Is it yours?

No no no no. Nope. Fuck. Kids.

2. What’s the perfect morning for you?

Waking up from a beautiful uninterrupted sleep with the sun barely peeking through my blinds in a room that is just cold enough to have to wear a blanket.

3. Someone offers you a $1mil starting bonus with a six figure salary to cut ALL present ties and work somewhere completely foreign, and you must leave tomorrow night. Do you accept?

Money is not enough for me to cut out everything I know. It has to be a fulfilling job as well. If the job is fulfilling, then yes, in a heartbeat.

4. Do you have a nervous habit? What is it?

Surprisingly, I kicked all my nervous habits. Instead, I just become consumed with anxiety.

5. What age do you consider old?

I don’t know. I already feel like I’m getting passed my prime.

6. You have the chance to virtually eradicate Ebola in Africa, but in the process, you would contract the disease and die. Would you take that chance?

Only if I can be euthanized. I am not about to bleed out of all my orifices for three weeks until I die.

7. What was your first time being intoxicated like?


8. Does anyone know your biggest secret?

I think all my secrets are known by at least one other person.

9. What is your biggest priority?

Myself. A+ Hedonist.

10. What’s a dream that you can’t seem to forget?

When I have lots of anxiety, I always have dreams where I’m either running from something or trying to get somewhere with no success. There’s one in particular I had when I was younger where I was hiding from this Godzilla-like monster who was terrorizing me at my house. He was about the size of my dad and looked no scarier than Bowzer, but I was so nervous. I remember protecting myself with a plethora of pillows.

11. What’s your current mood right now?

Can Monday be over yet?

~   The Spectacular Now (Tim Tharp)

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It seriously is a problem that I follow too many gaysians when I start getting gay porn blog suggestions…

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